The First World War cost tens of thousands of Algerian dead

Algeria – The First World War cost the Algerian people tens of thousands of deaths, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said on Sunday as he represented the President of the Republic at the Paris Forum on Peace, held as part of commemoration of the centenary of the First World War Armistice.

At the beginning of his address on this occasion, Mr. Ouyahia recalled that "the First World War cost the Algerian people, then colonized, tens of thousands of deaths." "I bow here to their memory, as well as to the memory of all the victims of this conflict," he added.

While welcoming the initiative of France to have invited this Forum on Peace, Mr. Ouyahia emphasized that "there is no better time than this commemorative day to think together again ways and means to prevent wars and conflicts. "

Ouyahia also recalled "the glorious struggle of the Algerian people who suffered the horrors of war to regain their independence, at the price of one (1) million and a half million martyrs, millions of victims and displaced, and heavy destruction. "

In the same vein, he also recalled the struggle of the Algerian people against terrorism resulting in tens of thousands of casualties and billions of dollars in losses.

"She overcame this national tragedy, thanks to the sacrifices of her people, but also thanks to the lucid policy of peace and national reconciliation promoted by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and consecrated by the sovereign nation", he said. added.

Mr. Ouyahia spoke about the contribution of Algeria, through its mediations solicited, the resolution of conflicts and crises, Lebanon in the Middle East, in the Horn of Africa between Eritrea and the Ethiopia, as well as in the Sahel and in particular in Mali.


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