The Interior and Justice impose new rules …

Algeria – The services of the Ministry of the Interior and Justice instructed the civil registry services at the level of APC and Daira, to apply new rules for withdrawals of civil status documents.

Thus, any personal document can now only be recovered by the person concerned. Only the spouse, parents, sons and daughters are entitled to do so. Persons duly mandated with the family record book may also claim the withdrawal of these documents.

This is what the mayor of Sidi Moussa, Allel Bouteldja, told the daily Ennahar, questioned on the issue. To understand that from now on, even brothers, sisters, uncles or cousins ​​are no longer allowed.

Among the reasons invoked to this approach, which could seem to go in the opposite direction of the dynamics of debureaucratisassions of the administration engaged by the Public authorities: the concern to preserve privacy at this time of great scandals of disclosure of personal data, particularly on the Net.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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