The late Mohamed Salah Yahiaoui was a "nationalist" model

Algeria – The Minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi evoked, this Friday, August 10, 2018 the personality and the course of the 'former member of the Council of the Revolution, Mohamed Salah Yahiaoui, who died this morning at the military hospital of Ain Naâdja.

The deceased is descendant of a family known for his patriotism and his nationalism, he argued.

In this regard, the Minister of Communication considered that the deceased "always defended the national cause during the war of liberation". He had a strong "adhesion" with Algeria and always meet the challenges in the service of the fatherland. "

Fervent supporter of the struggle for the end of colonization, the deceased mujahid, Mr. Mihoubi " has always maintained contact with his friends during the revolution, has always been present and remained firmly in his positions, he said . This personality marked his time and his generation.

The burial of the deceased will take place today in the cemetery of Sidi Yahia after Friday prayers.

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