The magazine El Djeich: The ANP, a "republican institution" away from any political outbidding

Algeria-The National People's Army (ANP) remains a republican institution dedicated to its constitutional missions represented by the defense of the integrity of the homeland, its security and its stability "far from any calculation and other political outbursts ", Highlights the review of ANP El-Djeïch in his last issue.

Under the title " The PNA, pride of the Algerian people ", the editorial of the review noted that " the current situation requires the combination of the efforts of all, in order to favor the necessary climate, encouraging the ANP to fulfill its missions within the natural framework defined by the Constitution ", adding in this context that" the ANP will remain the honor and glory of the Algerian people with regard to its prestigious course which draws its inspiration from the principles of the Revolution and its determination to discharge its sacred duty "

" The ANP is a republican army that honors itself to carry out its constitutional missions with dedication and constancy and continues its march towards progress and modernization, with the support of its popular base, while fully complying with the laws of the Republic. "

The publication emphasizes, furthermore, that " the positive results recorded in all fields are the result of the sacredness conferred by the elements of the ANP on their constitutional missions, of their deep and unwavering attachment to the national values ​​and their awareness of the magnitude of the challenges ahead "

Evoking the commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of August 20th, 1955, namely the Soummam Congress and the Nord-Constantinois offensive, the magazine paid homage to the martyrs and mujahideen of the Revolution, noting that "[19459007theirdescendantswouldcontinuethejourneyandmeetthechallengebyremainingfullyandpermanentlymobilizedintheserviceofafreedignifiedandpowerfulAlgeria "

"Today, these children, especially those engaged in the ranks of the ANP, worthy heir to the NLA, are committed to perpetuating the November message, pulling their values ​​from the deep content of the Declaration of 1st November and its eternal message guaranteeing national unity, the preservation of the sovereignty and independence of Algeria. "

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