the MSP will vote at the meeting of its Advisory Council

Algeria_ The President of the Movement for Society for Peace (MSP), Abderrezak Makri announced Friday in Algiers that his political party will vote "definitively" on the next presidential election at the meeting of the Advisory Council, expected before the end of 2018.

"The next meeting of the Consultative Council, scheduled before the end of the current year, will decide definitively on issues relating to the upcoming presidential election and political and public affairs," Makri said. opening of the national seminar of the presidents of the wilayas offices of the MSP

He said, in this regard, that the Advisory Council will review in all sovereignty "three scenarios", namely "an alliance with the opposition around a given personality", adding that "the MSP could be the candidate opposition "," the boycott option "or" the candidacy and entry into the running with a MSP candidate ".

Stressing that the priority of his party for the time being was the "success of the national consensus initiative" that he initiated, he reiterated that this initiative "has no connection with the upcoming presidential election" .

The MSP, he said, "took advantage of the various meetings he had with national parties as part of the presentation of this initiative," adding that "the final formulation of this initiative is will be made soon and will be sent to all parties. "

The president of the MSP called, in this sense, cadres and activists of his party to "explain the content" of this initiative through a "organized action at local and regional level."

In addition, Mr. Makri said that his party "will proceed soon to the renewal of its structures at the level of the communes". This action will be based on new resolutions approved at the last party congress, said the president of the MSP who called for "open to all categories of society and give more opportunities to young people and women within the ruling structures of the Movement "

Source: APS

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