The organizers accuse the Minister of … Culture!

Algeria – "Sidi El Hakem". Paradox. Another in the world of Algerian art. The Algerian Ministry of Culture refuses to sponsor an Algerian Music Festival: The Rai Festival!

This is in any case what he is accused by the organizers of this Festival of Algerian music. Thus, the Association "Art-Culture and Protection of Oran's Musical Heritage" openly accuses in a statement issued Tuesday, August 17, the inaction of the Minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi, and his refusal to sponsor or contribute to the Organization of the "48 Years of Rai" Event.

"Following the blockages and obstacles that we encounter since the beginning of the preparations, it was decided to cancel the event of 48 years of Rai". That's what we read on the communiqué. The organizers went on to say that among the factors that led to the decision being made was the "silence of certain officials and organizations concerned by this event at the head of the Minister of Culture". They continue by pointing out that "more than 04 files of requests of patronage and contribution, as well as letters of reminders have been deposited. And no negative or positive answer so far. "

No tribute for Djillali!

A sad news for the famous Algerian names, to whom, it was planned to pay tribute. Names entered in the legend, among which: Cheikha Remiti, Hasni, Djillali Raina Rai, Bouteldja Belkacem … and many others. Algerian names that have given Algerian, African and World music that particular color. This fragrance of Algeria.

AEs are not spared …

In addition to the first person in charge of Algerian culture, the organizers mention the problems inherent to the issue of visas. This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This denier maintained "the silence on our requests filed since 11-01-2018 for an intervention with the consulate of Algeria abroad. And this, for the granting of entry visas for artists free of charge. Some consuls required the payment of visas amounting to 80 euros per person. What prompted some art formations to retreat. "

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