The price of sheep catches fire at the approach of Eid!

Algeria – A two weeks of Eid-El-Adha, sheep prices are rising significantly. A statement noted by Algerian households who made a tour this Friday morning at the bestial market of Boudouaou in the wilaya of Boumerdes.

Many people remain reluctant and do not want to buy the Eid sheep now. they prefer to wait until the last week hoping that prices will go down.

Thus, Algerian households are, once again, put to a severe test on the occasion of Eid-el-Adha. Sheep prices have risen sharply. Prices vary from one sheep to another. According to some accounts, the price of sheep at the Boudouaou market was close to 110,000 dinars.

The breeders justify themselves: "This rise is due to the increase of the feeding of the sheep (hay, barley ..) besides the veterinary drugs necessary for the sheep health.

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