The reasons for the soaring price of the sheep of Aid (video)

Algeria – The President of the Association and Consumer Protection of the wilaya of Algiers (APOCE), Mustapha Zebdi has pinpointed the "rise" in the price of sheep that he 'imputed to the lack of' regulation 'and' fake 'breeders and especially to the' anarchy 'of the animal market which persists with a negative effect on the prices of sheep, a few days of Eid El Adha.

According to Zebdi, cattle markets remain "anarchic" which leads to the "flambé" price of sheep "unjustified". "Normally the price of sheep should be on average between 40 000 DA and 70 000 DA on the market," he argued during his speech at Ennahar TV.

Zebdi explains that APOC has always pleaded for the "organization" of livestock markets not yet structured to this day, because of the "fake" breeders who gangrene the activity each arrival of the Aid

Referring, moreover, to the problem of the rottenness of red meat, Zebdi said that "no" result of the investigation opened for this purpose, for two years, was disclosed by the State. . In addition, he adds that no action has been taken by the State to avoid the scenario.Encuring this opportunity, he calls the breeders to respect the standards and the good practices of breeding mainly in regarding sheep feeding to avoid these cases of rotten meats.

The citizen should pay "more expensive" the sheep according to the host of Ennahar TV.Ce will be a blow that he will cash especially in this period which will occur after the big expenses of the summer holidays and the the eve of the school year!

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