The renovation of Ain El-Fouara cost 3 billion? Mihoubi answers!

Algeria – Since the lifting of the veil on the renovated statue of Ain El-Fouara, the controversy continues to swell on the cost of its restoration and the result which, according to several observers, is disappointing.

In a tweet posted this Thursday morning, the Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi answers part of this question: the cost of renovation.

Estimated by some Internet users to 3 billion centimes (30 million dinars), the cost of renovation of the "Madonna" of Setif has, according to the minister, cost only 300 million centimes (3 million dinars) .

"The person who carried out the renovation operation, the expert Ben Salah and his assistants, asked to pay only the invoice of the products used and the cost of residence and this does not exceed the 3 million dinars ", He says in his tweet.

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