The report of the intoxication passes to 700 victims

The latter reports that, after becoming aware of this incident, the water service of the wilaya proceeded to the immediate cessation of the household supply in order to proceed with the disinfection of the pipes, which will last for two days. row.

The Director of Health of the wilaya, Ahmed Djamaï, tried to reassure by saying that the analyzes carried out on the incriminated water showed that it did not present a great danger, "no hospitalization having been performed to date ". He reported that only "light diarrhea" was found among those who consumed this water.

According to him, it would be "simple germs" but not salmonella, staphylococci or streptococci, otherwise more dangerous, he said.

He stated that the victims of this large-scale intoxication were referred to the polyclinic of the city for treatment, adding that they all "returned to their homes".

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