The son of General Toufik responds to "The Republic of the Sons of …"

Algeria – Sid Ali Mediène, son of Mohamed Mediène, aka "Toufik", former boss of the DRS / dissolved, broke the silence by broadcasting a right of reply to the French-language daily El-Watan.

Quoted in the controversial investigation, "The Republic of the Sons of …", published last July 29th by El-Watan, Sid Ali Mediène made a point of answering.

"The article in question which delights in the revelation of the activities, property and privileges of the children of certain officials and high dignitaries of the country does not relate to me any indication to be able to confuse me with its object", writes the son of the ex-strongman of Algerian intelligence and adds: "The one and only reference to the mention of my person in this article is dictated only in relation to the name I carry".

In his reply, Sid Ali Mediène accuses El-Watan of "a breach of the professional code of ethics that prevents false news and defamatory allegations, taking care to verify the sources".

Faced with these accusations of the son of General Toufik, El-Watan responds in turn sarcastically. "No Sir, General's son, you have no connection with the" Sons of … "! […] Nothing attaches you to the 'object' of the article, except perhaps those regular commercial relations with a large corporation owned by a former defense minister, "the independent daily writes.

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