The specialists lie, the Imam of Telemly tells you everything!

Algeria – All the hype, specialists and experts in reinforcement, do not serve any purpose

Advice on hygiene to deal with Cholera. On the different ways to rinse his fruits and vegetables. The cleaning of the hands, of its environment, with the bleached water. Even the obligation to be hospitalized in case of appearance of certain symptoms. All these recommendations are obsolete and unfulfilled. They are useless. We are lying!

No, it is neither an epidemiologist, nor a doctor, nor a public health specialist who announces it. It is the Imam of Telemly who ensures it: the Cholera is "a gift of god, because God when he loves a people, he overwhelms". A blessing.

In any case, this scholar has said in religion. The representative of the Algerian Republican Mosque. The mouthpiece of the highest authority in charge of religious affairs in Algeria: the department of Mr. Mohamed Aissa.

Comments by the Algerian blogger, Taous Ait Mesghat, on her Facebook page. The latter evokes the great Friday prayer that took place in the district of Telemly in the center of the capital. The most important prayer, since it is preceded by a sermon and which brings together the greatest number of faithful of the week.

7 dates, a "Rokia" and "Douaas"

For the Imam converted into an epidemiologist for the occasion, the prevention is simple: 7 dates in the morning. The last two verses of Surah "El Baqara". And a lot of "Douâas" (invocation) before dusk. He continues in front of hundreds of faithful, indicating that the "Treatment" must be done "according to the directives of the prophetic medicine". That is, a lot of holy water with a "Roqia".

And he drops his brilliant intervention via a loudspeaker covering several streets, alleys, even communes of the capital, "In case of death: say El Hamdoulah".


And who will keep the cows?

Imam is an actor who has studied a discipline and practices a profession, taking, which requires years of training and experience. Its role in the transmission of values, including the value of hygiene, is essential. "Hygiene", a word that the Imam failed to pronounce in his preaching.

Epidemiologist or doctor are other actors who have studied other disciplines and exercise trades that require as many years of training and experience. Specialists who had to intervene, for several days, to talk about the usefulness of hygiene. A subject they have been forced to address, because those in charge of the question prefer to interfere in disciplines that are not theirs.

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