The stinging answer of Salim Aggar

The journalist and film critic, Salim Aggar, has responded to his critics following the controversy over the Bejaia cinematographic meetings (RCB).

All started with an article by Salim Aggar on the hand of the French Institute of Algiers on the cinematographic meetings of Bejaia (RCB). The reactions were chained causing a controversy between the organizers of the event and the boss of the site DIA.

"It's absurd to listen to you on channel III, to praise your action of the oldest festival, of the oldest film club … but what have you done for Algerian cinema in 16 years? Nothing ! Could one, moreover, read in the journalist's reply.

He goes further in his indictment: "How to claim to organize the largest film event in the country and not invite any national star? Gueydon, Souileh, Biyouna or Chafia Boudraa have never been seen, let alone Sid Ahmed Aggoumi or Mustapha Ayad ".

"In 16 years of existence, the RCB have not brought us anything except patched posters that offer an old-fashioned image of a country always" under dev "who constantly seeks his cinema" has, well, concluded Salim Aggar.

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