The Syrian regime will be no exception for the Kurds

Kurdish-majority areas in northeastern Syria will not receive special treatment and will be reintegrated into the country, Syrian Minister of Reconciliation said on Tuesday.

"We can not give a Syrian province a status that distinguishes it from other provinces or ethnicities, nor (allow) a situation that would run counter to the idea that Syria is a single country and a single country. society ", said Ali Haidar in an interview with the Arabic language service of the Russian news agency Sputnik.

The Kurds administer a greater number of territories in northeastern Syria than any other community group. Since the beginning of the civil war, the Kurds have avoided entering into frontal opposition with the regime of Bashar al-Assad while campaigning for their autonomy.

Assad regime forces, aided by their Russian and Iranian allies, took over almost all the regions that at one time or another were in the hands of rebel groups.

The Syrian government describes this process as "reconciliation," meaning that insurgents agree to surrender a territory in return for secure evacuation to other areas.

Assad regularly claimed that he intended to regain control of every inch of Syria.

The main Kurdish groups appear as the few winners of this conflict in Syria, having established an autonomous administration over large areas in the north of the country controlled by armed groups and by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a militia supported by the United States.

"The solution to the problem is now for Kurdish groups linked to America to turn their backs and turn to the Syrian state," said Haidar.

Source: Reuters

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