The volume of investments of Sonatrach to 10 billion dollars / year (Guitouni)

Algeria: The Sonatrach National Oil Company invests nearly $ 10 billion a year in all areas of activity (exploration, exploitation, training …), said Saturday, September 9, the Minister of Energy, Mustapha Guitouni

Talking about the hydrocarbon sector in Algeria, Guitouni said today that "Sonatrach's investment volume has reached 10 billion dollars a year". He adds that Sonatrach has 100 subsidiaries nationally and internationally and records a turnover of 43, 2 billion dollars, also specifying that the company has spent nearly 2,550 billion dinars to the public treasury during the last five years .

This oil company has 180 oil fields including 15 oil fields which are larger such as the largest deposits of the field of Hassi R'mel and Hassi Messaoud.

The Minister of Energy said, in the same context that Sonatrach is currently hiring 200,000 employees nationwide.

Energy Minister Mustapha Guitouni spoke today at a meeting on opportunities for local Algerian companies to invest in energy.

The exact figures of Sonatrach's investments were made public today morning by Mr. Guitouni on the sidelines of a meeting organized jointly with the CEO of Sonatrach Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour on the investment opportunities of Algerian companies with the Sonatrach group.

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