The waters have "no connection" with the Cholera (Bouazgui)

Algeria – The Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, Abdelkader Bouazgui assures once again this Saturday, September 1, Algerians about the irrigation of fruits and vegetables by the waters which is suspected of being at the origin of the Cholera epidemic, claiming that "irrigation of fruits and vegetables has no connection" with this contagious and deadly disease that has been raging in Algeria for some days.

million. Bouazgui assures today at a press conference that the irrigation waters of fruits and vegetables have no connection with the Cholera that has spread in Algeria since August 07 causing two deaths and having that affected at least 74 hospitalized to date.

The waters intended for the irrigation of fruits and vegetables are healthy and can not under any circumstances be the cause of the spread of this epidemic, the Minister assured. As a result, it indicates that Algerians can normally consume these products of "quality" and have nothing to fear about their health. nevertheless, chained it must respect the conditions of cleaning agricultural products and all the other food products to avoid the risks of the contamination of this disease.

The Minister adds that the phenomenon of irrigating agricultural products with wastewater does not date from today. it is a problem that is frequently deplored by the minister who provides for severe sanctions against farmers involved in these cases and other measures such as the destruction of agricultural products by wastewater.

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