This anti-vaccine speech that threatens children! The Ministry Investigates … (Press Release)

Algeria – The anti-vaccine speech conveyed by those who create the evil to sell remedies based on herbal teas and other plants with miraculous virtues, continues to endanger children, to kill them!

Although the Ministry of Health mentions for the moment, "recent sporadic cases of measles reported in some Wilaya", the latter announces the opening of several epidemiological investigations. This is reported by the Department of Health in a statement issued Monday, November 12.

"The Ministry of Health wishes to recall that measles, although a mild disease, can lead to serious complications that can lead to death." That's what we read on the document. The Hezbellaoui Department adds that the disease "will affect all unvaccinated children eligible for vaccination". As a result, they constitute "a target population at risk of developing the disease".

In fact, the Ministry of Health persists and signs: "Vaccination is the only protection against measles."

Remember that just for the Wilaya of Batna, two (2) infants died, Monday, November 5th. And this, following complications of the disease. Hundreds of cases have been recorded in this wilaya of the East had learned ALG24, during the past week.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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