Those smokers who kill their loved ones

Algeria – The negative effects of smoking cause thousands of deaths each year. These victims who died from heart disease or cancer, caused by smoking, are often non-smokers.

Smokers breathe a quarter of the smoke of a cigarette, so the remaining three-fourths spread through the air. This smoke lost in the air is often inhaled by the smoker's entourage, the people sitting in front of him, his family, his wife, his children, etc.

Prof. Habib Douagui, head of pneumo-allergology department at Beni Messous University Hospital, said that these negative effects of tobacco smoke have a particular impact on children. "They die with chronic respiratory failure … citizens who care about their children must either stop smoking … or not smoke in front of their loved ones," he added.

"Tobacco contains more than 4000 different chemical substances, more than 40 of which are cancerous," said the chairman of the Academy of Allergy Diseases, Merzak Gharnaout.

The need to move away from places dedicated to tobacco use is the only way to avoid being a victim of the negative effects of smoking.

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