Tissemsilt: aggression of the vice president of the APC of Sidi Slimane

Algeria – The physical attacks against the elected ones multiply. Most recent: the aggression of the vice president of the Communist People's Assembly (APC) of Sidi Slimane.

The incident occurred when an individual physically attacked the chosen one during the commemoration festivities of the outbreak of the War of Liberation. Without the intervention of the people present, things could have known another twist with very serious consequences. Ahmed Raheb, president of the APC of this locality of the wilaya of Tissemsilt, affirmed it to Ennahar.

This unfortunate event is reminiscent of the abject murder of Acting President of APC Ain Beida, two weeks ago. The victim was, as a reminder, murdered in his office because of a building permit.

Last year, the former president of APC Sidi Slimane was the subject of an attempted murder when a man tried to burn him alive

شارك هاذا المقال !

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