Tunisia: arrest of two Algerians for illegal transport of drugs

Algeria – Two Algerians were arrested yesterday Thursday by the Tunisian judicial police in Sousse, a coastal city in the Sahel region, for illegal drug transfer to Algeria.

The two individuals were very quickly accused of drug smuggling, according to Mosaïque FM who quotes a security source. At the police station, they confessed to having obtained substances from a Sousse pharmacy.

According to the same media, the two suspects gave the investigators some details about how to use them. After buying the drugs, a third person, located in Kasserine, a border town with Algeria, was responsible for transporting the cargo on the national territory.

In addition to drugs, the police found on them the sum of 1000 dinars Tunisian (or about 70 000 Algerian dinars), but also several portables.

As a reminder, Tunisia has been experiencing a severe drug crisis for some months.

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