"Turn it and pay it!", The Wali that makes the subcontractors tremble … (Video)

Algeria – Chantiers stopped because of non-respect of contractual conditions of subcontractors. A daily routine for many building sites in Algeria.

And the strange and often bizarre reasons that these deniers put forward are as incomprehensible as they are unadmissible

Indeed, to stop a construction site because the last of the neighbor convole in just marriage is far from being an acceptable argument to stop the construction site of housing that await thousands of families. Especially when it comes to a job for which this same subcontractor has signed commitments and is paid ruby ​​on nail!

Thus, the Wali of Oran, did not go through four ways during his field visit on Wednesday. A Chinese entrepreneur who accused his subcontractor of the delay, Mouloud Cherif rejects the argument. "Go and pay him for the work he did. He will manage with the litigation! . "

A concrete approach that has the merit of being clear and clear

شارك هاذا المقال !

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