Two casemates for terrorist groups discovered and destroyed in Ain Defla

Algeria – Two bunkers for terrorist groups were discovered and destroyed Thursday in Ain Defla by a detachment of the National People's Army (ANP), said Friday a statement from the Department of National Defense (DND).

"As part of the fight against terrorism, a detachment of the National People's Army discovered and destroyed, on August 9, 2018 in Ain Defla / 1st Military Region, two (02) casemates for terrorist groups," said the source . As part of the fight against organized crime, "a combined detachment of the ANP has recovered, in In Amenas / 4eRM, a sum of money amounting to (28,880,000) Algerian dinars stolen from the post of Debdeb the previous week, "says DND, noting that" the investigation is still ongoing to identify all the details of this criminal act and recover the entire amount of money stolen. "

In El Oued and Biskra / 4RM detachments of the ANP intercepted "three (03) smugglers, three (03) trucks and (64) quintals of tobacco", while other detachments apprehended Tamanrasset and Bordj Badji Mokhtar / 6eRM, eight "(08) smugglers and seized four (04) all-terrain vehicles, (3,779) tonnes of food and various gold mining tools."

On the other hand, "detachments of the ANP have defeated during various operations carried out respectively in Souk-Ahras, Tébessa and El-Taref / 5eRM, attempts to smuggle a quantity of fuel s' rising to (11,379) liters ", while elements of the National Gendarmerie have arrested, in Oran and Tlemcen / 2eRM," two (02) drug traffickers in possession of (07.7) kilograms of kif treaty ". Similarly, "thirteen (13) illegal immigrants of different nationalities were apprehended in Saïda, Naâma and Laghouat", concludes the DND.

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