Two weeks to diagnose a medieval disease!

Algeria – Since August 7th. More than two weeks, 15 days. It is the endless time that the Ministry of Health has taken to confirm that what was referred to as "intoxication" that struck several wilayas in the center was an epidemic of Cholera. Two weeks!

Questions arise on this late diagnosis that has just been laid by the Ministry of Health. Two weeks to diagnose a medieval disease. An incomprehensible reaction time for many specialists

For those who ALG24 tried to approach, "the time is to treatment. The responsibilities of this incomprehensible late diagnosis will be discussed later. "

Thus, 41 cases of cholera are found through the wilayas of Blida, Algiers, Tipaza, Bouira. It has been registered since August 7th, one death and dozens of cases under treatment.

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