Video – Khaled Tazaghart slams the door of El-Moustakbal

Algeria – Khaled Tazaghart, deputy of Béjaïa, quit the Front El-Moustakbal. Three years after joining the party of Abdelaziz Belaid, which he managed to establish in Béjaïa by winning him a deputy and local elected officials, the militant of the MCB, Berber Cultural Movement, announced in a video broadcast on social networks , that his decision is justified by the "non-respect" of the resolutions of the last congress of this party held at the end of last September.

What made Tazaghart go out of his hinges is the absence of the designation of the party name in the Amazigh language in the party statutes. "We had agreed that the party should have the same name as the badges at the Congress. But in the final version of the document, the editors took up the campaign slogan, "said the deputy who sees in this lack of seriousness of officials who do not seem to" take too seriously "the question of Tamazight. "For us, it's a fundamental question," said Khaled Tazaghart, who left the party with a group of Bejaia activists.

Already at the Congress of this party, the militants of the Amazigh cause protested vigorously against the lack of interest in tramazight at this meeting.

REASONS FOR THE RESIGNATION: Video that I did just 30 minutes after the closing of the Meeting of Saturday, November 03, where we took the decision of resignation of the FM "I could not put this video in line at the end of the DAC recording Saturday in the evening or Sunday in the day because of some technical problems in the mobile phone of an activist with which the recording was made "Khaled Tazaghart

Published by Khaled Tazaghart on Monday, November 5, 2018

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