Video of the headquarters of the ANP imposed on two Emirs in Skikda! (Video)

Algeria – A stealthy but lively video of the ANP's imposed siege on two terrorist leaders belonging to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in Bissy, in Azzaba commune (Skikda ).

The National People's Army quadrimes the perimeter using, among other things, helicopter forces, as shown by the images of Ennahar TV.

Recall that the last official communiqué, dated July 30, from the Ministry of National Defense reports a fourth terrorist shot and the recovery of a Kalashnikov-type machine gun and a quantity of ammunition.

Thus, officially, the balance of this operation, which is still ongoing, amounted to the neutralization of four terrorists and the recovery of three Kalashnikov type machine pistols, a Simonov type semi-automatic rifle and a quantity of ammunition.

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