Video-Takfarinas Announces National Tour

Algeria_ The Star of the song Kabyle Takfarinas announced, in a video shared on social networks, a tour this month in several wilayas of the country.

The author of Zaama Zaama will begin his tour in Bejaia on the 11th of this month, where he was to participate in the festival of Amazigh song, organized each year by the city of Yemma Gouraya.

Takfarinas continues his musical journey on August 13 in Sidi El-Houari in the wilaya of Oran. From the west of the country, Tixeraine's son will go to Constantine the next day. Without respite Tkfarinas will also have an appointment with his Algerian fans on the 17th of the same month, before closing his tour in Tigzirt, in the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou on August 20.

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