Video-The 4th drone of 100% Algerian manufacture tested before the end of 2018

The director of the technological platform noted that the CRTI researchers and engineers "bring the final touches" to this drone after the success of the three previous versions "Amel-1", " Amel-2 "and" Amel-3 ".

Smaller and lighter than the first prototypes, this drone has a wingspan of 1.7 meters, takes flight soon launched manually and is controlled remotely, said Kechida, adding that the tests of this prototype whose design required 500,000 AD should take place at the base of Sidi Bel Abbès.

Intended for civilian use, this drone can be used for surveillance of farmland, pesticide spraying, map making and topography, explained the same framework.

The commercialization of this model, equipped with several cameras, requires an economic partner for its large-scale production, added the same official who stressed that "a bill is being studied to oversee the implementation on sale of drones ".

Former prototypes of drones designed by the CRTI were exhibited in the hall of Skikda University on the sidelines of this meeting.

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