Video- "They do not like you going home" … what the tourists of Algeria think

Algeria – The media realized a micro-sidewalk, questioning passers-by on the Champs-Elysees in France on whether they would go to Algeria to spend their holidays.

In the video posted last Monday on the Facebook page of Oumma, we see that these potential tourists surveyed refuse, for the most part, to go to Algeria. To each his reasons

"Sincerely, no. Because I know Algeria, "protested one of the people interviewed. The same person adds a little later: "Algeria is not touristy, there is nothing to do there except see your family."

"The country is beautiful but people are not friendly, they are not used to tourists and they do not like you going home," said the same person.

Would you go to Algeria to spend your holidays?

Would you go to Algeria to spend your holidays? This is the summer question that Umma asked passers-by on the Champs-Elysees. Discover their opinions more or less sharp! You can also test your knowledge of Algeria with family or friends with Icosium, the first Algerian board game currently on sale at 35 € on Lagofa (… / icosium-first-game-of-society-sur-la … /)

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