Walis spreading their anger … in search of buzz!

Algeria – The rants of the walis during their different field trips are linked and repeated. In recent months, there are filmed shows on which we can see the representatives of the President of the Republic spread their anger all the way. It's become commonplace!

Latest release: Mouloud Cherifi, wali of Oran, who has pulled up the suspenders to the leaders of the Chinese company responsible for the realization of the stadium of the capital of the west. Furious, the wali reproached them for the lack of manpower on the site.

"I insist! It requires a mobilization of staff, "he thundered. And to threaten, "you know what I'm going for, and I told you last time. I will send the labor inspectorate to control you in relation to your theoretical commitments and what is on the ground. "

Certainly, the wali is right to pass a soap to the company director. The construction site of the Oran stadium, like that of Algiers for that matter, suffer from an "unforgivable" delay. However, the moment seems to have been well chosen. In front of the cameras, our walis do not mince their words any more.

A few days before him, his colleague at the head of the wilaya of Tissemsilt has loudly sermonized a local entrepreneur. In front of everyone, he told him he would blacklist. "You will be blacklisted. And on a national scale, "he pleaded. And to affirm, "we can sacrifice the project, but you will no longer work with the state."

Last week, Abdelhakim Chater, newly appointed wali in Tizi Ouzou, was noticed by a rage in the commune of M'kira, where he inquired about the progress of several housing projects. "I do not need to see the pictures, I have the reality," he shouted. And to point out, "I have to sign hundreds of formal notices every week for everyone; investors, directors, design office, directors. all ! "

شارك هاذا المقال !

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