Waste management: The billions that Algeria loses!

Algeria – The recycling of household waste remains problematic in Algeria. The recycling rate of waste collected at the national level remains low, it does not exceed 7% of the total volume.

This was revealed Thursday, September 13 the representative of the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy, Nouar Laïb, during the show The Guest of the editorial channel 3 of the Algerian Radio .

"Of the 13 million waste generated daily by human activities in Algeria, only 7% are recycled," Laib said.

The latter also wishes to point out that the impact of the environmental degradation generated by non-recycled waste represents the loss for the country of the equivalent of a gross domestic product, "every 14 years".

the radio's guest pointed out that, at one point, all this waste was destined to be accumulated in landfills designed for this purpose, stating that it was not until 2001 that a reflection was undertaken to identify the means to recycle and value them economically.

Among the actions that will be taken in this direction, Mr. Laïb announces the establishment of a national strategy of "integrated management" to transform them.

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