WB Vice President for the Mena Region Visits Algeria from September 4 to 7

The former chief of staff of the WB president who led the bank's activities in several countries in the Mena region has already served as a jurist for Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Morocco and Thailand.

A non-borrowing country, Algeria maintains, however, partnership relations with the Bretton Woods institution through advisory services to respond to requests for technical assistance in support of national development priorities.

Since 2010, this partnership has focused on 10 technical assistance operations in six sectors namely agriculture and rural development, finance, investment climate, social protection, and management. of the desert regions, according to the presentation form of Algeria, updated by the Bank last April.

These advisory services are complemented by analytical and technical assistance activities provided in the context of the reform of subsidies, agricultural sectors (milk) and rural development and, at the same time, on the improvement of Business Environment and Indicators Doing Business.

"The third MENA economy and the locomotive of the Maghreb, Algeria is among the few countries that have managed to reduce poverty by 20% in 20 years", joining the cohort of countries with a level of human development High, stresses the BM in this synthetic presentation.

According to the latest WB forecasts released in June, the growth of the Algerian economy will remain solid this year due to higher investment spending and higher oil prices.

The Bank forecasts real GDP growth of 3.5% in 2018, compared with 1.6 in 2017, an increase that is expected to slow to 2% in 2019.

The WB argues that increased diversification of the economy would help Algeria to embark on a more sustainable growth path and create jobs.

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