Weather Algeria provides evidence on incidents caused by bad weather

Algeria – The National Office of Meteorology (ONM) has made available to the citizens two supporting documents in connection with the damage caused by bad weather, relating to the delays in the work of building sites, and the claiming compensation from insurance companies following a meteorological disaster

"Thanks to its experts and its observation network established throughout the national territory, Météo Algérie provides you with two (2) types of documentary evidence," says the ONM on its website.

This is the Meteorological Certificate that "basically provides statistics on weather conditions in an area of ​​interest (number of days of rain, strong wind, freezing, thunderstorms, etc.). ). It is often attributed to justify the delays of execution of a building site ", specifies the office.

The second document is a Storm Report intended to "justify a disaster caused by an extreme weather event (high winds, hail causing damage, high wave heights)."

Through this document, Météo Algérie "issues a detailed and detailed survey of weather conditions including a detailed study of the weather situation in the area affected by the incident".

This report is issued "exclusively by the National Meteorological Center of Météo Algérie in Algiers. It is carried out within a maximum of ten (10) days. "


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