weight reduction of the binder for elementary students

Algeria_ The Minister of National Education, Nouria Benghabrit, said Sunday that the weight of the schoolbag will be lightened for students in the primary cycle and to help protect their health.

"The Ministry promulgated a circular concerning the three cycles (primary, middle and secondary) of reducing the weight of the schoolbag and reducing the cost of school items and streamlining their use," Benghabrit said in a statement. interview given to APS on the eve of the 2018/2019 school year, noting that this circular was drawn up by a commission composed of teachers, inspectors and directors.

The Minister of National Education has stated that a study, drawn up by her department in 2013 in 2018, concluded that there is a need to reduce the binder for pupils in the primary and (02) to four (04) kg, recommending, in this sense, the use of notebooks of 64 pages instead of those of 96 or 120 pages.

For the 1st and 2nd grade, the weight of the schoolbag will be increased from 2.5 kg to 1.95 kg, while for the 3rd year of primary school, it will be reduced from 3.95 kg to 2.75 kg, a difference of 1.25 kg, a she said.

The Minister also mentioned the reduction in the number of textbook pages for grades 3 and 4, recalling that for the last two years, primary and secondary year classes have only one and same book for science subjects, and one for social sciences and humanities, reading and civic education.

The first person in charge of the education sector also reported a reduction in the weight of the binder for pupils in 4th and 5th grade from 4.5 kg to 3.10 kg, a difference of 1.4 kg.

Educational solutions have been proposed for this purpose, namely keeping the activity book at the classroom, not bringing all the articles at once and devoting a record to the class, she added.

She also indicated that a campaign will be held to raise parents' awareness of the importance of following the ministry's recommendations for bag reduction.

Source: APS

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