When a CEM Director calls for FITNA! (Document)

Algeria – The irresponsible document prepared by the leadership of the CEM "Mohamed Othmani Mechouneche" in Biskra has been interpreted as a contempt or even a call to hatred by many observers. Especially on social networks

So, this institution in the south of the country did not hesitate to have parents sign a document asking them if they wanted the Tamazight language to be taught to their children or not.

In addition to this reading, it is above all the fact that this Director has taken the liberty of going against the Constitution devoting the Tamazight language as a national and official language raised by certain jurists. And it is naturally the Minister of Education who is therefore questioned

A folder that may clutter a little more Nouria Benghabrit's office that has suffered since the Rebound attacks from all sides. Those who come from within his department, with the obvious objective of putting it in difficulty, seem particularly virulent.

The Minister is all the more challenged that the director of this establishment echoes an ideological and political action launched on social networks.

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