Why Haftar can not be a threat to Algeria

Algeria – Marshal Khalifa Haftar threatens to transport war in Algeria in a statement broadcast by a Libyan television channel, which was readmitted by Al-Jazeera.

Can this self-appointed Marshal pose a threat to the security of Algeria? Asked by ALG24, the journalist specializing in security information, Akram Kharief, believes that no.

According to him, this statement by Khalifa Haftar is motivated by the "offensive" on Tripoli, which has been interpreted as a "threat to him and the elections" that would guarantee him wider access to power.

For Akram Kharief, Khalifa Haftar does not have an army as he wants to believe, but a number of militias. In addition, it does not occupy positions or air bases in the western regions of Libya, or near the borders, to hope to attempt an offensive on Algeria.

In short, this is a "populist speech intended for its anti-Algerian allies". "He takes advantage of the situation in Algeria, believing that it will not respond militarily or diplomatically," said Mr. Kharief.

Currently, Haftar is in a weak position, especially against the Emirates and Egypt, especially after the kidnapping of 6 Egyptian officers, while Haftar was helped by Sissi to establish some security at the eastern border.

According to Akram Kharief, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are in favor of a solution in Libya with Saif al-Islam Kadhafi.

Khalifa Haftar hoped by his polemical statement that France, among others, could take decisive action to advance things in view of presidential elections scheduled for next December.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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