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Algeria-The Minister of Housing, Town Planning and the City, Abdelwahid Temmar said Saturday in Algiers, that the construction work of the Grand Mosque of Algiers was advancing "at a respectable pace", according to schedule and deadlines.

During an inspection visit of the building sites of the mosque, accompanied by the Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Mohamed Aissa, and the Palestinian Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Mr. Youssef Adeis, Mr. Temmar indicated in a statement to the APS that the pace of the works of achievement respects and complies with the schedule and deadlines set, qualifying it as "respectable".

The Palestinian Minister expressed his admiration for this mosque, which represents, he said, "a gigantic religious building" that enriches the history of Algeria and includes monuments reflecting the history of the Arab-Muslim nation, claiming that his visit to the site of the project sites allowed him to discover the beauty of the mosque which described it as a work of architectural art. "

"I noted with the other ministers, strict adherence to the schedule related to the pace of work," said Aissa, adding that "the complementary preparations are the responsibility of the Ministry of Housing, which respects the deadlines , which will allow the accomplishment of the other complementary missions coming from the other ministerial departments, supposed to confer a religious, tourist, cultural and scientific dynamics to this building.

Note that the main chandelier was installed in the middle of the prayer room and is located under 8 projectors, connected to the ceiling by 30 metal cables, in addition to the installation of 89 small chandeliers spread throughout the mosque.

The decoration of the Mihrab is in the process of completion, while the reception of the prayer room is scheduled for the 15th of this month.

In addition, the completion of paving work on the floors of the minaret, and the construction of basins, fountains (16 basins and 10 fountains made with Islamic architecture) and plan of the garden outside the mosque.

At the level of the minaret floors, work is currently on the development of this structure with, in particular, exhibition halls, study and translation centers to allow foreign visitors to easily learn about this Islamic architectural edifice.

Built on an area of ​​27 hectares, the Grand Mosque of Algiers has a prayer room with an area of ​​20,000 M2, a minaret 267 M long, a library, a cultural center, a house of the Koran, and gardens, parking, administrative blocks, and civil defense and security posts and catering areas.

In the southern part of the site is a cultural center consisting of a large library, movie theaters and conference rooms for 1,500 participants.

The library has a capacity of 3500 people and has a million books. The cultural center can accommodate 3,000 people, the Quran house has 300 students and the car park has 4,000 vehicles.

Concerning the two basement levels containing earthquake-resistant systems (which will reduce the power of an earthquake by 2.5 to 4 times), their realization is 100% complete.

Launched in early 2012, the project for the construction of the Grand Mosque of Algiers was entrusted to the Chinese company "CSCEC".

The Grand Mosque of Algiers to be delivered in late 2018 is the largest mosque in Africa and the third largest in the world after Masdjid Al-Haram of Mecca and Masdjid Al-Nabawi of Medina.

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