YouTube removes videos of Hichem Aboud after a complaint by Anis Rahmani

Algeria – Former DRS agent Hichem Aboud wipes another defeat against Anis Rahmani, CEO of Media Group Ennahar.

After being sentenced to a heavy fine on July 10 by the Lille court, Hichem Aboud also sees the disappearance of his videos posted on his popular YouTube channel.

According to our information, the administration of YouTube, which has just awarded a golden shield to Ennahar, has removed seven videos from the channel Hichem Aboud. These are videos that are detrimental to the person of Anis Rahmani and his family.

The seven videos in question were removed after a request for defamatory content by the CEO of Ennahar, after which the administration of social media found that this content "did not comply with the rules of YouTube on harassment and intimidation ".

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