Algeria is experiencing a particularly difficult economic situation since mid-2014. This, closely linked to the collapse of oil prices, forced the authorities to apply austerity.
The section “economy” allows you to better understand the economic situation, to have access, in real time, to all the news of economic order.
This section is divided into three sub-sections:
All news related to various sources of energy and renewable energies; oil, gas, shale gas, wind, photovoltaic, etc.
In this sub-section, you can follow oil and gas prices in real time, as well as the opinion of international experts about the prevailing economic situation in Algeria.
Hit hard by the financial crisis, Algeria has decided to suspend the import of vehicles, which has blazed prices. To cushion the expenses, the authorities have opted for a locally assembled vehicle, however, the current production fails to meet the national need.
This sub-section allows you, not only to follow all the news related to the automobile assembly industry in Algeria, but also to have access to a list of prices of new and used vehicles updated continuously.
-Market & Price-
We have introduced this sub-section to allow our readers to follow and get an idea about the prices of staple foods; agribusiness, vegetables & fruits.
A daily updated list of consumer products is offered to readers.

Beginning of summer sales in Algiers

In Algiers Center, including Hassiba Ben Bouali and Didouche Mourad, Ardis and the commercial center of Bab-ezzouar a large number…

The exploitation of shale hydrocarbons in Algeria attracts Russians

Russian Ambassador to Algiers, Igor Belayev, told Russian news agency Sputnik on Wednesday that, in addition to other areas of…

Sonatrach and Eni Sign Agreement Strengthening Partnership

Sonatrach group CEO Abdelmoumem Ould Kaddour and Italian Group Managing Director Eni Claudio Descalzi signed an agreement in Milan on…

Thousands of complicit traders … Where did the 5,000 trillion pass!?

Thousands Algeria – 5000 Billion centimes. This is the incredible amount hijacked by thousands of traders revealed by the Ministry…

Sonatrach: discovery of 17 oil and gas fields since the beginning of the year (Guitouni)

Algeria-According to Minister of Energy Mustapha Guitouni, Algeria plays the role of stabilizer of the oil market following its intermediary…

Imetal: Increases of up to 20,000 AD for employees [Document]

Algeria – The salaries of Imetal Public Group employees have been revised upwards by CEO Abdelhakim Maouche. By an endorsement…

Stalking with huge profit margins is launched (Ministry of Commerce)

Margins Algeria – The Ministry of Commerce has launched an "in-depth" investigation into the staggering profit margins of car dealers…

OPEC-non-OPEC agreement: Algeria will increase oil production by 26,000 barrels / d

Algeria will increase its oil production by 26,000 barrels a day from next month, as part of the implementation of…

The State determined to amend the Law! (Guitouni)

Guitouni Algeria – The Algerian state has the will to amend the law on hydrocarbons. And this, by introducing new…

Raouya announces the lifting of subsidies on fuels and electricity (Video)

Algeria – Finance Minister Abderrahmane Raouya announces Monday (July 2nd) that the state will no longer be able to pursue…