Algeria is experiencing a particularly difficult economic situation since mid-2014. This, closely linked to the collapse of oil prices, forced the authorities to apply austerity.
The section “economy” allows you to better understand the economic situation, to have access, in real time, to all the news of economic order.
This section is divided into three sub-sections:
All news related to various sources of energy and renewable energies; oil, gas, shale gas, wind, photovoltaic, etc.
In this sub-section, you can follow oil and gas prices in real time, as well as the opinion of international experts about the prevailing economic situation in Algeria.
Hit hard by the financial crisis, Algeria has decided to suspend the import of vehicles, which has blazed prices. To cushion the expenses, the authorities have opted for a locally assembled vehicle, however, the current production fails to meet the national need.
This sub-section allows you, not only to follow all the news related to the automobile assembly industry in Algeria, but also to have access to a list of prices of new and used vehicles updated continuously.
-Market & Price-
We have introduced this sub-section to allow our readers to follow and get an idea about the prices of staple foods; agribusiness, vegetables & fruits.
A daily updated list of consumer products is offered to readers.

Yousfi visits the site of the automaker Toyota

Algeria – Minister of Industry and Mines Youcef Yousfi visited today, Tuesday, November 06, 2019, the site of the Toyota…

Signature of a contract between Sonatrach and Italian Tecnimont for the construction of a LPG train

Algeria – An engineering project construction contract (EPC) was signed Monday in Algiers between the Sonatrach group and the Italian…

When Sonatrach avoids an electric blackout in Lebanon

Algeria – Lebanon almost knew a general electric shedding due to a fuel crisis that has lasted for a few…

A barrel of oil oscillating between 70 and 80 dollars "is more right for Algeria", (Ould Kaddour)

Algeria_ Sonatrach Group's Chairman and CEO, Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour, said Sunday in Hassi-Messaoud (900 km south of Algiers), that the…

"Biochar" a new fuel produced from wastewater

Ingelia, a Spanish company that has developed a new fuel that behaves and burns like coal, with the only fundamental…

Algerian-Nigerian gas pipeline: Morocco reacts through its Minister of Energy

Algeria – Morocco officially reacted to the revival of the project to build the trans-Saharan gas pipeline. Two weeks after…

CNI: Tax benefits for Haddad and Oulmi, the Ford project postponed

Algeria – The National Council of Investment (CNI) met the day before yesterday, Tuesday, October 30, under the chairmanship of…

Sonelgaz will produce 34,000 MGW of electricity by 2021

"Algeria, which is a continent, currently produces 19,000 MGW of electricity and covers the entire national demand," said the official,…

Devaluation of the dinar: the disturbing confession of Raouya

Algeria – This is a disturbing admission that may scare more than one. Finance Minister Aberrahmane Raouya acknowledged Tuesday the…

several partnerships between national companies

Algeria – Several agreements and commitments of partnerships between national companies have crowned the 7th edition of the international exhibition…