Algeria is experiencing a particularly difficult economic situation since mid-2014. This, closely linked to the collapse of oil prices, forced the authorities to apply austerity.
The section “economy” allows you to better understand the economic situation, to have access, in real time, to all the news of economic order.
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All news related to various sources of energy and renewable energies; oil, gas, shale gas, wind, photovoltaic, etc.
In this sub-section, you can follow oil and gas prices in real time, as well as the opinion of international experts about the prevailing economic situation in Algeria.
Hit hard by the financial crisis, Algeria has decided to suspend the import of vehicles, which has blazed prices. To cushion the expenses, the authorities have opted for a locally assembled vehicle, however, the current production fails to meet the national need.
This sub-section allows you, not only to follow all the news related to the automobile assembly industry in Algeria, but also to have access to a list of prices of new and used vehicles updated continuously.
-Market & Price-
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A daily updated list of consumer products is offered to readers.

Algeria: El-Hadjar Complex has been renewed

Algeria-The members of the board of directors of the Sider El Hadjar steel complex were renewed, Thursday, during a meeting…

Oil continues to rise in London

Algeria – Oil prices declined on Friday during European trading as investors wait to learn more about the Iran nuclear…

Installation of the Steering Committee for the Phosphate and Petrochemical Production Project

Algeria – Minister of Energy, Mustapha Guitouni, proceeded Thursday in Algiers, the installation of the inter-sectoral Steering Committee of the…

the CDER records a "remarkable" growth during the year 2017

Algeria – The Center for the Development of Renewable Energies (CDER) was marked during the year 2017 by a "remarkable"…

Oil still rising

Oil prices continued to rise on Thursday (April 26th) during European trade talks in a market focused on the future…

50% on all modem packs

packs Djezzy has launched a new promotion on modem packs. The promotion concerns the "Djezzy Modem Pack" offer already sold…

Algeria: Sonatrach makes an oil discovery in Niger

Algeria – The Sonatrach group has made an oil discovery in northern Niger, announced Tuesday in Tamanrasset the group's CEO,…

Joic, the cheapest scooter in Algeria! VMS Industrie breaks prices

scooter Algeria- 126.000,00 dinars including tax! This is the unbeatable price offered, lovers of two wheels, scooter VMS Industrie. Thus,…

the CREG will soon launch its first tender for new projects

"We will in the coming months, after agreement from the government, launch our first call for tenders for the production…

more than 800 billion dinars of public investment

Algeria – Public investments in the field of connection to gas and electricity networks reached nearly 817 billion dinars between…