A barrel of oil oscillating between 70 and 80 dollars "is more right for Algeria", (Ould Kaddour)

Algeria_ Sonatrach Group's Chairman and CEO, Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour, said Sunday in Hassi-Messaoud (900 km south of Algiers), that the price of a barrel of oil oscillating between 70 to 80 dollars is "the fairest for Algeria."

"The price (the barrel of oil) the fairest for us is between 70 and 80 dollars," he said at a press conference held at the end of the proceedings of the national conference of Sonatrach Group .

He estimated that if current oil prices exceed $ 70 per barrel, it will be "very positive" for the country's economy, adding that he believed that "prices will be maintained in this region. range. "

Regarding the partnership, Mr. Ould Kaddour noted that Sonatrach has signed "very interesting" and "extremely important" contracts with its various partners, adding that "the group will launch in the offshore and other projects Which will make the company and "consequently the country more attractive."

Regarding the development of the company under the "SH-2030", Ould Kaddour emphasized the importance of training for all staff including trade unionists.

For this reason, several actions have been initiated, including the Top 200 young managers, the development of the e-Learning training system, he said.

As a reminder, a stability and development pact was signed between the Sonatrach Group and the National Federation of Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Workers (FNTPGC), under the patronage of the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA), at the national conference held at the Haoud El-Hamra zone in the Hassi-Messaoud daira (80 km southeast of Ouargla).

Source: APS

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