A new technique to repair a fault in the high voltage transmission network in Biskra

Algeria – The Sonelgaz transmission network management company, in collaboration with the Biskra distribution department, proceeded on Saturday with the implementation of an emergency plan to restore the blackout after the bad weather that occurred in the capital of the Zibans and its surroundings in early August, said, the communications officer at the General Directorate of the Algerian Electricity and Gas Distribution Company (Sonelgaz ), Khalil Hadna.

This is a '' first of its kind '' operation aimed at restoring the situation without resorting to a general power cut in the areas supplied (11 communes and nearly 100,000 customers) after having reported during the same period a technical failure on the line of high voltage (220 Klv) which is between the two main stations of transformation Tolga (Biskra) and Barika (Batna), specified with APS, M, Hadna.

Quick-mounting pylons in parallel with failed pylons were installed to restore the situation, added the same official, stating that this operation is "the first of its kind" because it uses a technique and a know how to make '' revolutionary '' in this specialty and which aims to reduce the time of cut and to minimize the affected regions in order to repair the breakdown.

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