A promising future for Sonelgaz in the Maghreb and African markets

Algeria – The group Sonelgaz "has a promising future in the Maghreb and African markets" in the fields of electricity export and investment in renewable energy, said Thursday at Relizane the minister of the Energy, Mustapha Guitouni.

During a press briefing, organized on the sidelines of his working and inspection visit to the wilaya of Relizane, Mr. Guitouni indicated that Sonelgaz is currently carrying out, through its two subsidiaries, the realization of a solar-powered power station in Sudan and, soon, Mali and other African countries, is in advanced negotiations for the export of electric power to Tunisia and Libya.

The minister reminded, in this regard, that this public group manages power stations in different parts of the country based on Algerian skills (engineers and technicians), without foreign assistance, which allows it to aspire to to export this experience to several countries.

The rate of integration of the techniques and equipment of these stations has reached, according to Mr. Guitouni, 75% for the mastery of electrical transformation based on renewable energies, especially solar energy, for the production 400 megawatts, which increases the group's opportunities in foreign markets.

In terms of meeting national electricity needs, the minister said Sonelgaz is able to cope with the increased demand and to deal with the power cuts caused by the record high temperature, especially in the South of the country.

Mustapha Guitouni revealed, in passing, that the national electricity consumption reached Wednesday more than 13,900 megawatts out of a total of 16,000 megawatts produced by Sonelgaz, "which confirms that the network is stable, except for some load shedding that did not last long and were quickly solved. "

During his visit to the wilaya of Relizane, the Minister laid the first stone of a high-voltage electrical transformation center at the Sidi Khettab National Park and inspected the Belassel municipality's electrical energy station. Bouzegza and the GZ3 gas pipeline rehabilitation project in Kenanda in the commune of Sidi Lazreg.

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