Automotive: Seat sales soar in Algeria

Algeria – The Spanish firm SEAT has recorded a historic sales record. During the first 7 months of the current year, the German subsidiary of Volkswagen Volkswagen sold 342,700 vehicles, an increase of 20.7% over the same period of 2017.

This record, which exceeds that of the year 2000 (324 400 units sold), has been more striking in some countries, including Algeria, reports the website of the Spanish newspaper ABC Citing examples of countries where the Spanish society has recorded strong sales increases, the media notes that the increase is "even more marked in Algeria, where SEAT has already delivered 12,900 vehicles this year, 11,700 more than in July 2017."

More generally, Seat, represented in Algeria by Sovac, essentially sold its cars in Spain. The second SEAT market is Germany, with an increase of 26.4% and where it has already sold 71,400 cars. In the UK, SEAT is making progress against the market trend and growing by 23.5% (total: 41,600 cars). France, the fourth country that brings more volume to SEAT (18,900 vehicles), is one of the fastest growing markets after increasing by 23.2%, just like Italy (14,200, + 27 , 1%). In other European countries, such as Austria (13,700, + 24.0%), Belgium (6,900, + 45.4%), Portugal (6,800, + 22.2%) and Netherlands (5,700; + 26.6%)), sales also exceed 20%, quotes the same source.

In Algeria, Seat assembles some of its models, including the Seat Ebiza and Arona, in its Relizane factory where are also assembled Volswagen Polo and Golf cars. The factory will also build the Skoda Fabia.

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