General Electric for Lighting and Air Conditioning of the Great Mosque of Algiers

Algeria – The Great Mosque of Algiers will be equipped with a "trigeneration" technology provided by the American giant General Electric (GE), which will produce electricity, heat and cold at the same time

Clarke Energy, GE's authorized distributor in Algeria, will supply GE's four Jenbacher J320 gas engines to power the trigeneration power plant at the Djamaâ el Djazaïr mosque under construction in Mohammadia, near Algiers, the firm said in a statement. communicated, stating that "the Jenbacher trigeneration units will provide reliable, low-carbon electricity, heating and cooling".

GE today announced that "Clarke Energy, a UK-based Jenbacher gas engine distribution partner in Algeria, has been selected by the promoters of the new Djamaâ el Djazaïr Mosque (the Great Mosque of Algiers), to supply four Jenbacher J320 gas engines for a trigeneration facility that will power the mosque with electricity, heat and cold reliably, efficiently and with low carbon emissions. "

"We are delighted to support the development of the Djamaâ el Djazaïr Mosque by providing GE's Jenbacher gas trigeneration technology to enable the mosque to produce electricity, heat and heat. without relying on the local network, "said Jamie Clarke, President and CEO of Clarke Energy.

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