Oil well drilling in Algeria is of interest to a Norwegian multinational

Algeria – Equinor, a Norwegian oil and gas company, plans to drill more offshore and onshore exploration wells in several countries in 2019 as part of its expansion strategy. Among these countries is Algeria.

The Norwegian multinational intends to increase, next year, the drilling of oil wells compared to the current year. In his plans, Equinor plans to go to high impact wells.

These wells are located in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Brazil, as well as onshore wells in Algeria, Turkey, Argentina and Russia. "In general, there will be more international activities and more of the activities onshore," said Tuesday, Nov. 20 Tim Dodson, head of exploration of the company, Reuters on the sidelines of a conference Equinor .

At the end of October, Sonatrach CEO Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour announced the signing of a first contract for offshore oil and gas exploration.

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