Sonatrach and an American group invest in the field of industrial gases

Algeria – Air Products, a major US group specializing in industrial and medical gases, and Sonatrach have signed two agreements on gas production and supply, report media.

With a value of $ 100 million, this partnership, concluded through a joint venture called Helios, consists in recovering helium from two Sontrach LNG sites (GL1Z and GL3Z) to supply the plant. Helios liquid helium implanted at Arzew, in the wilaya of Oran.

According to the Air Products website, the Arzew unit is one of the major helium sources of the American group. As a result, "this additional input of raw material will further increase the volume of liquid gas produced by the joint venture plant."

This agreement also provides for the creation by Air Products of two new air separation units in Algeria on behalf of Helios. The latter will be the owner and operator, according to the same source.

"The first ASU will be in the Hassi Mesaoud District while the second will be located in Arzew. Once in service, they will produce nitrogen, oxygen and argon which will be marketed and distributed on the Algerian and Maghreb markets by COGIZ, a subsidiary of Sonatrach ", adds the website of the American group.

"Thanks to our longstanding relationship and our successful partnership with Sonatrach, Air Products has established a solid foundation in Algeria to build on," said Ahmed HABABOU, Vice President Southern Europe and Maghreb at Air Products.

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