the Algerian-Indian tractor assembly unit ready to go into production

Algeria – The Algerian-Indian Mahindra unit for the assembly of agricultural tractors in Tizi-Ouzou (Oued Aissi industrial zone) is ready to go into production, APS chief executive Lahlou told APS on Wednesday. azouaou.

According to Mr. Azouaou, "only the authorization of the competent authorities for the importation of the raw material" is required for the entry into operation of this plant with a production capacity of 3,000 tractors / year and which has a production line of accompanying materials with a capacity of 2,700 units / year.

In order to ensure that everything is ready for the start of production of this unit, whose realization cost exceeds 2,5 billion dinars, a representative of the Indian partner, the regional manager of the operations of development of relations in North Africa, Bobby Salwan, went this Wednesday to Tizi-Ouzou, where he met with his Algerian counterpart, Lahlou Azouaou.

These two partners were received by the President of the Wilaya People's Assembly (APW) Youcef Aouchiche. They recalled the importance of this factory that plans to create 220 direct jobs at the beginning of the activity to exceed 500 in full activity, as well as more than 1000 other indirect jobs that will be created by the implementation. place of distribution networks in different wilayas.

million. Aouchiche, for its part, recalled that the APW attaches particular importance to investment creating wealth and jobs in the wilaya, accompanying economic operators in their efforts to achieve their projects.

"The tractor assembly unit, built in Oued Aissi, is an investment that represents a great added value in terms of wealth creation and jobs, hence the importance of its entry into the deadlines, "the official said.

The local director of industry and mining, Djouadi Hamid, has also assured that his management "closely follows the case that is supported by the ministry of guardianship."

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