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31 cases of cure in 45 confirmed cases

Algeria_ A total of 31 cholera patients in 45 confirmed cases since the outbreak of this epidemic in mid-August, have recovered from their disease after receiving the necessary care at Boufarik hospital level said the epidemiologist at the hospital, DR Amine Abdallah, on Sunday.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic to date, Boufarik hospital has hosted 129 patients with symptoms of cholera and from four wilaya, 98 cases of Blida, 18 of Tipasa and 11 of Algiers, In addition to two new cases received Saturday, and from the city of Khmiss Miliana (Ain Defla), told APS DR Abdalilah, on the sidelines of a visit by wali Mustapha Layadhi to this hospital.

The analyzes carried out by the Pasteur Institute confirmed 45 cases of cholera, of which 31 left the hospital after recovery, he added, adding that the medical staff treated all cases received, all with vomiting and acute diarrhea, as having cholera, before confirmation of the disease by medical tests. "A measure that helped to stem the disease," he said.

The practitioner further assured that the cholera patient can recover within a maximum of three days after receiving adequate treatment, "but the hospital management does not allow him to go out. until confirmation of the total absence of bacteria in his body ", a confirmation obtained from the Pasteur Institute, after analysis, pointed out the specialist.

All families of the affected people have also been tested for non-transmission of the epidemic, he also noted, while calling the latter (families) more understanding by not visiting their patients until they are healed, in order to preserve their own health and to contain the disease.

Source: APS

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