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50 surgeries to treat breast cancer

Algeria – Fifty (50) surgical operations for the treatment of breast cancer were successfully carried out at Khenchela's public hospital institution (EPH) Ahmed Benbella during the 2017-2018 season, indicated the director of this EPH, Mohamed-Tahar Chetouh.

These operations are supported by a specialist in general surgery, said the same official recalling that patients requiring such surgical procedures were forced to move to the University Hospital Center, CHU Batna.

million. Chetouh also reported that during the same period, a total of 67 laparoscopic surgeries in various areas of general surgery were performed under the supervision of a specialized medical staff, which represents, according to him, a leap qualitative compared to the previous season when 16 surgical operations of this kind were performed.

During the same period, a number of surgeries in neurosurgery, in the treatment of maxillofacial cancer and for the first time, that of the pancreas, were performed and "successful".

The same official affirmed that the EPH Ahmed Benbella works to become acquainted with the latest technologies available in the medical field, in spite of this, he added, "the obstacles confronting the establishment to generalize the process to other surgical specialties ".

In this regard, he added that the surgeries carried out require the resources of a university hospital center, underlining that the EPH Ahmed Benbella includes five operating theaters, two of which are dedicated to emergency surgeries, "obliging , often the medical staff to postpone operations or transfer them to other nearby institutions. "

million. Chetouh attributed the experience gained by the medical and paramedical staff of the EPH "to the twinning operations" recently organized with several university hospitals, which allowed, he said, "to be in contact with experienced specialists through which practitioners have received hands-on training in many disciplines. "

EPH Ahmed Benbella includes 42 doctors, including 22 surgeons, who provide continuous health services and patient care from Khenchela and neighboring wilayas, it was concluded.

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